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Official Team Mascot for the Lisa Thompson Group

This fun-loving little boy joined the Lisa Thompson Group in November 2017 at the wee age of 5 months old after being adopted by his loving parents, Lisa Thompson and Steve Cleveland. He provides the Team with ‘Priceless’ tail wags and licks to boost morale and keep the Team smiling. As the official Team Greeter he DEMANDS to meet clients walking into the office and will do tricks for everyone who offers him a ‘treatie’. He knows the true importance of HOME, as this is definitely his favorite place... where all his toys are, where his sister cats roam, where he snuggles with his mommy and daddy!
Don’t let his 4lb stature fool you, his personality is the biggest on the Team. His goal is to meet as many new clients as possible, so come into our office TODAY for your own personal tail wag!