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Today’s Home Buyer, now more than ever, needs an Expert to help lead the way through the Real Estate Maze: low inventory, multiple offers, limited and first right contingencies, FSBO listings, misleading information on public websites…THE LIST GOES ON AND ON. This is where the expert guidance of a Real Estate Professional can really give YOU an edge in today’s marketplace and during negotiations. Having the right Agent working for you can mean the difference in getting your offer ACCEPTED or having ‘The Home’ slip through your fingers. A strong Buyer’s Agent will possess the tools to give you immediate access to new listings and possible insights into new listings even before they hit the market. Furthermore, how a contract is written can make all the difference in beating out other offers in a multiple offer scenario.

Since this will be one of the biggest, if not the biggest investment, you make, you need to align yourself with an Agent who possesses a thorough understanding of the market, with in-depth knowledge of market trends to empower you with the information you need in order to make the smartest financial decision for your unique circumstances.

There are a lot of factors to consider when selecting a Realtor. Not all Realtors have the same work ethic, market knowledge and insight, tools, contacts, and experience. Following is a partial list of services we provide to our Buyers.

Buyer Services

  • Buyer Counseling– We’ll provide you with checklists and guidance, which will help outline your priorities. We want to make sure we are both on the same page and have a clear picture of your wants and needs. We strive to provide you with realistic expectations about the market and the home buying process from day one.
  • Financing Guidance – WE HAVE THE CONTACTS YOU NEED! Having a solid pre-approval letter makes a world of difference to a Seller when reviewing your offer. We know what Listing Agents and their Sellers are looking for in a financing approval. Although not loan officers, we possess an in-depth knowledge of various financing programs to ensure we are presenting the strongest offer possible while achieving your financial goals for your unique situation.
  • Immediate Notification of Criteria Matched Listings – You’ll be set-up in our auto-prospecting system. We also are very active in the marketplace and will try to find any ‘coming soon’ listings that may be the ‘perfect fit’.
  • Same Day Response Time – Now more than ever, it is important to have a Real Estate Agent who is readily accessible and can get you in to see new properties as soon as they hit the market. A home listed today may be a home ‘pending’ tomorrow.
  • Market Knowledge, Statistics, & Trends – Experience that counts in making sure you have the information necessary to make the best financial decision possible for your unique circumstances and future goals.
  • Contract Preparation– Many times it’s the little things in a contract that make all the difference. A missed ‘checkbox’ or a ‘blank’ in the contract could cost you $$$! We know the potential pitfalls in contracts through experience, and do our best to avoid these potential contract ambiguities to protect our Buyers from the day the purchase agreement is written.
  • Top-Notch Negotiating Skills – We feel the biggest mistake an Agent can make is writing an offer without first reaching out to the Listing Agent to get an understanding of the Seller’s situation and what is important to the Seller. Without this information, you may make a very good offer but it may come across sub-par to the Seller. OR, you could even be leaving money on the table when there is another factor that is monumental in the Seller’s mind than just the bottom line. Negotiating starts with getting an understanding of what’s most important to both sides.
  • Disclosures, Inspections, Home Warranties, & Surveys – The most important aspect to any real estate transaction is to make sure your investment is protected. We go through all of the information available with our Buyers and point out any ‘red flags’ we see from experience. We guide our Buyers by providing valuable information in regards to available safe-measures they can utilize to make the best, informed decision possible to avoid potential issues after closing. We have a network of inspectors, surveyors, and home warranty providers available upon request.
  • Working Hand-in-Hand with YOU after Contract Acceptance – Rarely is there a time when a real estate transaction is seamless after the last signature is received on an accepted purchase agreement. We are there throughout the transaction to overcome obstacles as we make our way to the closing table.
  • Guidance through the Inspection Process – In our experience, the most opportune time for a transaction to fall through is during the inspection process. Tensions and anxiety on both sides are usually high, and sometimes a simple ‘fix’ can have Buyers running away from their Dream Home or Sellers digging their feet in the sand because they simply get offended or don’t understand the issue at hand. Understanding the process, knowing the right contractors, and experience in handling almost any ‘issue’ that arises, can mean the difference between reaching an impasse between parties and coming to an agreement.
  • Working directly with Your Lender to assist in a Timely Closing – Keeping on top of the financing process is the most critical component in reaching a desired closing date. Working hand-in-hand with your lender, we do our best to keep everyone on track. Coordinating the appraisal to be ordered AFTER the home inspection is completed and agreed upon can save you up to $500 on a useless appraisal if something unexpected and insurmountable arises during the inspection process.
  • Closing Coordination –Once your lender issues the Clear to Close, it’s time to MOVE! We schedule closing, review your closing statement, make sure you’ve wired your funds for closing, coordinate possession with the Seller, provide you with transfer information to avoid interruption in utility service, & remind you to make sure your change of address is complete with the post office! We guide you through all the formalities involved in closing, so you can focus on packing and a seamless move into YOUR NEW HOME!
  • After Closing Assistance– We don’t disappear! We are always a quick phone call, email, or text message away if you have any questions or issues after closing.  We send out reminders to file for your tax exemptions so there are no nasty surprises the year after closing. We will send you a request to stay connected on social media, so you always know what we’re up to and local real estate trends. If you ever consider a remodeling project or need to do work to your new home, we are happy to give contractor recommendations. If you ever think of refinancing or want to know how much your home is worth down the road, we’re happy to assist.  Remember, we know where you live.  Our goal is to make lifelong relationships with our clients, which is why most of our business comes from past clientele, direct referrals, and word of mouth.

Owning a home is a great investment and it is key to plan your mortgage payments ahead of time. Calculate your monthly mortgage using our free calculator below.